About Us


FractalZen will level the playfield by empowering companies to compete with the market leader.


Before digitization, information on paper was fully understood and controlled by its users. We believe that companies should not have to rely on expensive software to access digital information. Users should have ready access to information and its control. The commercial software companies such as Oracle and Microsoft are holding digital information hostage from the user! FractalZen was founded with the goal of disrupting the commercial software oligopoly. We promise dramatic cost savings based on alternate products through groundbreaking research. FractalZen products are used by around 1000 companies in over 20 countries.


Phone: (442) 272-0000
Mohan Ramanuja

Seasoned technology leader with proven track record focused on growth. Successfully launched 8 products and 3 startups sold products in over 20 countries.

Sridhar Ramachandran

Sridhar is a technology entrepreneur with over 14 years of experience in leadership roles. He is currently working on ConceptJS, a social cloud-computing platform that makes it very easy to turn static HTML/Javascript pages into dynamic applications. Applications built with ConceptJS are structured to encourage end-user participation.