FractalZen Levels the Playfield by Empowering Companies to Compete with Market Leaders.

At FractalZen we build subscription based cloud and mobility plug and play business application products. These include extensions, integrations, Industry Verticals and Standalone Products.

CRM - Contract Management, Lead Scoring

HRMS - Lead Assignment, Employee Engagement, Incentive Response

ERP - Pricing, Rating Engine

eCommerce - Loyalty, Customer Rating

Collaboration - Discount Matrix, Mass Vendor Assignment to Subsidiary

Verticals * - Communications, Financial Service, Healthcare, Life Science, Manufacturing, Hi Tech, Media & Entertainment, Real Estate

* WiP & Pipeline

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The best way to validate what we say we can do is to see our work in action. Request a 15-minute demo and we’ll show you live examples of the business application technologies we implement and explain the innovative approach that sets us apart.


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